Sunday, 22 November 2015

World Class Wushu

WACW athletes regularly represent Australia in world competiton and supplies the Australian National Wushu team with the majority of athletes. Our facilities, skills base and training programmes have repeatedly produced numerous national champions.
WACW athletes have won gold, silver and bronze medals and numerous top 10 placings putting their skills on par with professional teams. All this has been achieved by our team of amateur athletes training part time with with no financial support from the government.
WACW athletes train with the support and input from World Class Wushu Coaches:
Mr Yu LiGuang, (ex Hong Kong National Head Coach) has previously produced a plethora of world champions with the Hong Kong Wushu team. Since 2010, he has already guided the team to numerous top 10 positions.

Our success lies with the open learning and training culture put in place by our founder Dr Kee Lee Tan. By constantly challenging our own training methods and learning new strategies and techniques by engaging the worlds best, WACW has enjoyed a constant progression that is sure to remain.