Western Australia Chin Woo Athletic Association is a not-for-profit organisation and a proud member of the World Chin Woo Federation. It was established in 1987 when a small group of people came together under Dr. Tan KeeLee to train Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. However, it was not until 1996 when enough funding and support was received to have Western Australia Chin Woo officially registered and recognised as an Incorporated Association. Our values embrace the principles and beliefs of the founder of Chin Woo, Grandmaster Huo YuanJia, who, during the early 1900s rebuilt China’s physical, mental, and spiritual strength through martial arts. Our main mission is to showcase Chinese Cultural Fine Arts to the community with the aims of promoting a harmonious multicultural society in Australia.

Chinese Cultural Fine Arts vary in different forms. Western Australia Chin Woo exhibits skills in:

  • Dragon Dancing
  • Lion Dancing (Northern and Southern)
  • Drumming
  • Acrobatic Flag Dancing
  • Martial Arts (Wushu and Tai Chi)

Along with our Cultural activities, Western Australia Chin Woo has also developed a special Youth Programme to attract more youths from the community to become more involved with sports and fine arts. Tai Chi classes are always growing in many community areas and Western Australia Chin Woo has developed specialized Tai Chi for Health programs for Seniors and Older Adults. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and it has been proven to improve arthritis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Learning from Western Australia Chin Woo instructors is a very rewarding experience. Our government accredited instructors are highly skilled and create an environment that is very motivating and come with many years of training, experience and supporting qualifications such as:

  • Working with Children Check Clearance.
  • National Accreditation with Kung Fu Wushu Australia (KWA)
  • Senior First Aid certification
  • As we are non profit organisation, all our instructors are volunteers.

Since 1994, Western Australia Chin Woo has been involved with many Community activities. Outlined below is a small sample of some of the activities that we participate in:

  • Chinese Cultural Performances with the City of Perth and WA state celebrations.
  • Promoting Chinese Martial Arts in conjunction with the WA Chung Wah Association Chinese schools.
  • Western Australia State Wushu Athletics Team.
  • Annual Chinese New Year performances with the Shenton Park Quadraplegic Centre Rehabilitation Hospital.

Western Australia Chin Woo is located in Canning Vale on Vinnicombe Drive. Since its establishment, the people of Western Australia have been introduced to learning Chinese martial arts and Chinese cultural arts. Classes consist of Wushu, Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, and Dragon & Lion Dance. Objectives of Western Australia Chin Woo

  • To promote Chinese martial arts to the local community.
  • To promote Chinese culture to the younger generations of Chinese to learn and to retain a part of their cultural dynamic.
  • To bridge cultural differences and to promote cohesion within Australian society.
  • To foster the development and enhancement of physical, mental, and spiritual well being.
  • To practise the virtues of wisdom, benevolence and courage.
  • To teach the values of strength, health, commitment, dedication and self-discipline.