Western Australia Chin Woo is a non-profit organisation. What does that mean?

The Association is run by people who contribute their time and effort voluntarily and do not receive any share of profits. All profits go back to Western Australia Chin Woo. This enables the school to purchase new equipment such as martial arts equipment, and Dragon & Lion dance costumes.

Where is the Western Australia Chin Woo located?

Western Australia Chin Woo is located in Unit 10 / 48 Vinnicombe Drive, Canning Vale, Western Australia. It is roughly 24 kilometres south of Perth.

Do you have classes apart from Canning Vale?

Please check here for more information.

Do you have classes in other States?

No. We are currently only in Western Australia.

I have never studied Wushu, Tai Chi or martial arts before. Can I still join?

Yes you can. "Basics" - are movements that serve as the foundation of all Wushu and Tai Chi forms and are practiced in all level of classes.

Is it possible to watch a class first?

Yes it is. In fact this is something we encourage. Visiting us allows you to see how our classes are led and also provides for a great opportunity to meet the coaching staff. If you would like to come and visit, please come and visit us during our beginner classes.

What are your fees?

Please check here for our annual membership fees and monthly class fees.

What do I wear to class?

Comfortable tracksuit/wushu/kungfu pants and a t-shirt (Chin Woo t-shirt if you have one). Tie long hair back. You must wear shoes. Light shoes such as badminton shoes, or martial arts shoes work best. They must not leave marks on the floor. It's better to have a pair of shoes that you only use for wushu.

When do I get to start learning weapons?

Before a student can begin learning weapons, he or she must have a firm grasp of the basics; every new movement builds on the basic foundations and principles of what has been learned previously. At almost any martial arts school, only students of intermediate level and higher learn weapons. Usually one year is the absolute minimum to reach this level of ability. But don't despair, wushu empty hand sets are awesome and often preferred by many wushu practitioners.

How long will it take me to advance levels?

The time it takes for a student to advance is individual and depends upon the student's interest, their natural ability, and dedication to the art. Once a proficiency of the basics is gained, other forms and styles (such as weapons and animal forms) will be easier to learn. Whether the student's primary goal is personal fitness, competition, or to acquire an expertise, our philosophy is to ensure high professional standards while promoting growth and personal enjoyment (fun!!!) for each student

Can I go to competitions?

Of course, we encourage all of our members of all skill levels to compete. We do our best to keep members up to date on local, state and national competitions and students of all levels are encouraged to compete.

Do you perform Dragon & Lion Dance?

As of January 1, 2014, we no longer provide Dragon and Lion Dance services for non-sponsors. if you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us

Do you offer private lessons for special interest or corporate groups?

We are able to offer packages to local and international groups looking to train with us at our fully equipped premises. The course will consist of Taolu and/or Sanda in accordance with IWuF Competition Requirements. We will provide english speaking, fully qualified Government Accredited Instructors and tailor a program to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer private lessons to individuals?

No. As our instructors are volunteers, we simply do not have the resources for one on one tuition.